Yard Scraper


Width Overall: 1.905m
blade: 1.829m
depth: 0.356m
Sideplate length: 0.850m
Weight: 153Kg

For Cleaner Results

Designed to handle even the thoroughest muck, the Astwell heavy duty yard scraper will also trap and clear the wettest slurry. It is both efficient and easy to operate. Outstanding features include push or pull action, reversible squeegees to minimise wear and tear, replacement steel runners, floating side plates and the ability to clean right up to the side walls and fences.


The direction of the side plates can be changed either manually or automatically, without leaving the tractor seat.

Auto Hitch

‘A’ type Adaptor available for use with Automatic ‘A’ hitching system. This Adaptor is only suitable for fitment to scrapers specified at time of order.

yard scraper