Astwell Grain Cleaning Auger

This is a low cost, high performance cleaning auger. There is a choice of models including 3.5” and the 4.5” model illustrated. The cleaning section comprises a tubular perforated screen within the upper section of the conveyor. The conveyed grain is thrown against the screen section by centrifugal force, allowing small seeds etc to pass through the perforations into the outer casing and catchment trough. The cleaned grain passes on to the outlet of the conveyor and the separated dross is discharged at the lower end of the catchment trough. The screen is designed for easy cleaning.

The 3.5 model with will pre-clean and elevate around 6 tons an hour and the 4.5 model, 12.25 tons an hour subject to moisture content and condition of grain.

Standard lengths are 16’ or 21’ with GP extensions available if further length is required.

cleaning auger